The Mars Exploration Program

Why Mars?

After the Earth, Mars is the most habitable planet in our solar system due to several reasons: Its soil contains water to extract,There is enough sunlight to use solar panels, Gravity on Mars is 38% that of our Earth's, which is believed to be sufficient for the human body to adapt to. The day and nights are very similar to Earth's. A Mars day is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds.

Three Goals of The Mars Exploration Program


Is there life on Mars?


Understanding the Climate of Mars


Preparing for Human Exploration

The Mission


Astronauts will be put through there paces, with Mars atomsphere recreated on Earth for Astronauts to be prepared for any situation.


Earth-Mars travel will last about 96 days, and in the worst case it will last 226 days.

space craft

The first goal is to establish a permanent colony on the soil of Mars. This colony will remain in constant contact with the Earth. Over time more will be built and eventuall humans will live on Mars.

planet mars

The Next Step For Mankind Starts Right Here On Earth.

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